Ty Dolla Sign – Message In A Bottle

Artista: Ty Dolla Sign
Titulo: Message In A Bottle
Gênero: Hip-Hop

Message in a bottle

Let me get a swallow

Fillin' up my cup

Section full of models

And we goin' up like it's a Tuesday

Know I'm 'bout that action

Drankin' 'til I'm woozy

It feel like a movie


Middle finger to a hater

Henny in my system
In here with the pistol
Any nigga with him

Lil' baby on a Xan

I just came to blow a couple bands
Hoes know I'm the man
Rollin' up a strand

They like, "You gon' get us kicked out"

'Bout to get high enough to make my ears pop
It's too strong for that Ziploc
Seen the huge stones in my wrist watch

Go piss outside, too drunk to drive

Got 'em blowin' at me when I pass by
Starin' like she got a glass eye
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit
She said, "I got Uber, do you want a ride?"

Let me get a swallow

Typed in my address, it led to some s*x, now I'm dressed
Poppin' these Advils and textin' my ex, thanks to the
Message in a bottle
Fillin' up my cup
Section full of models

But I'm too drunk to drive, oh

And we goin' up like it's a Tuesday
Drankin' 'til I'm woozy
Know I'm 'bout that action
It feel like a movie
And I'm too drunk to drive, yeah
Share your location, girl, I'm tryna pull up

Couple homies started throwin' money

Passive when it come to cannabis
But I'm blowin' like a curtain
My homie got some women at his crib
Know I'm finna flourish
Drankin' water, tryna save my liver
Walked in, seen some naked strippers

Must have been a message in a bottle

I (.....) like a babysitter, I'm lit
Stuck where I sit
Please don't mind me, girl, that's just how I get
Gave me a lapdance, I had plans to take down a lick

But something told me to face down my ex

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